G4S WithU
Be in Touch.
Stay Safe.

G4S WithU is an innovative, personal safety application by G4S. It helps you be in touch with your close ones and make sure they are safe, letting everyone know if you or someone else is in danger.

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Emergency Notifications

You will never be alone. Your close ones will be notified instantly when you are in emergency occasions.
Using your smartphone’s technology, G4S WithU understands if you fell or had a car accident, letting, automatically, your peers know that you are in danger.

Be in Touch, even when you're not together

By sharing their location, families, friends and colleagues can take care of each other, even when they’re not together. With our Geo-Location notifications, there is no need for uncomfortable calls to find out where they are and if they are well!

24/7 by your side

G4S WithU gives you the peace of mind you need in your daily life.
Soon, you'll be able to connect with our 24/7 Secure Operations Centers. In a difficult situation professional services may make all the difference. Because, this is what we do at G4S: "We‘ve got your back".

Find my Group

Locates instantly every group member on the map. No more uncomfortable calls to find out where your close ones are and if they are well!

Safety Alarm

Sends a safety alarm to your group members in case of an emergency, sharing your exact location, time and video of the event. Silent alarm feature notifies your close ones without getting noticed.

My Places

Get notified every time a member enters or exits a Place of Interest (e.g school, park, home etc). Now you can rest assured that your kids got home in time after school.

Be WithMe

Activates a countdown timer, for a chosen time. The safety alarm is triggered automatically in case the user does not deactivate the countdown before the timer ends.

G4S is WithU

G4S WithU is powered by G4S the largest security provider in the world. Thousands of corporations, airports, critical facilities and governments trust us to keep them safe and handle their sensitive information.
Now we create G4S WithU, a personal safety application, to help you and your loved ones stay safe.